Our free play outdoor exploration and adventure program is designed for children ages 5 to 10. Daily adventures to the Santa Monica/Malibu Mountains and beaches provide a rich connection with nature in our world.  The activities are unstructured, allowing the kids to play freely, exploring what is of interest to them. Observing plants, animals and finding natures treasures inspire us to create art, tools, shelters and hand made toys. But mainly we just have fun playing in Nature with our friends!


Due to CDC/city/state Covid regulations:

You will have to take your Childs temperature before leaving your house and bringing them to camp.

If your child has a temperature or shows any signs of flu or fatigue, you will keep them home.

Children and mentors are required to wear masks at drop-off and pick up and in the van. Once we are out in nature, no masks are required.

You can only reserve a whole week as cdc wants same group of children.

You will have to provide your child with their own snacks, lunch, water. There will be no sharing of food.

We offer two camps: 

  • School Break Camps:  These are full days, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, for children who are currently in Kindergarten and up. 
  • Sleep Away Wilderness Camp.  This a program for children 8 and up. 



 SUMMER CAMP:  June 14th through September 3rd.


To register, simply send us an email at  lanaturekids.office@gmail.com

In your request, include: 
-Name of your child 
-Date of birth 
-Dates you want
-Grade your child is going into in the fall
-Which school your child attends
-Name your child's friends who are going to be in our summer camp
-Your phone number(s)
-One email for billing


You can only reserve a whole week as cdc wants same group of children. 

Daily rate:  $100/day

Sibling Discount $90/day per sibling

Drop off / Pick up:

We will have 3 locations with 5 minute drive from each other. We will inform you of your location on the Saturday prior to the Monday your child will start her/his week.

Drop-Off:  Between 9:00-9:30 a.m.

Pick-Up:   4:30 p.m.

​location 1: Play ground at Clover Park. 2600 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

location 2: Play ground at Penmar Park. 1341 Lake street. Santa Monica, CA 90405

location 3: Play ground at Marine Park. 140-6 Marine Street. Santa Monica, CA 90405

What to Bring: 
-Pack your child's belongings in a backpack (no tote bags or baskets!) your child can carry for at least 10 minutes.
-Pack a lunch, snack and water. We will not provide any food during Covid restrictions.
-Appropriate outdoor clothing: Look at the weather. You can dress your child as you see fit, however, for their safety and enjoyment, we require your child to wear shoes or sandals that fit snug or barefoot (no crocs, flip flops, or anything the same material!).
-Beach clothes need to be worn underneath your child clothes (summer camp only) Rash guards to protect from the sun are great. Towel.

-Also, keep in mind that we want your child to feel comfortable getting dirty or wet. So avoid her favorite Tutu : ) A change of clothes so they can get wet and keep warm or fresh. Layering is the key. Even in the summer, coastal fog can roll in or out creating big temperature changes.
-Sunscreen your child before drop off. 
-Mark your child's clothes, water bottle, shoes, lunch boxes and containers with a marker.

L.A. Nature Kids

Want to see what our day looks like? Check out the slide show below. Allow time to upload whole show.


Billing & Reservations: 
Email: lanaturekids.office@gmail.com  
Phone:  (213) 266-2209

School might be closed, but nature is always open! 

We offer camp sessions throughout the school year as well as the summer. If your school is closed for any reason, we can help you organize a day camp-- official holiday or not! 

L.A. Nature Kids