Nature Kids was born in 2010 with our forest preschool, after-school and vacation camps. 

We are now starting our Mommy daddy & me classes to offer families an opportunity to gather in nature with babies and toddlers in a safe, fun and interesting site.  The parents will have the option to share experiences challenges and information among each other while the kiddos will be taken care of by the teacher, and or go play and explore and meet other children. 

On Tuesdays, our preschool meets up with Everwild (headed by Amanda Panda, a former teacher at Nature Kids who provides a nature program for children ages 6 to 8). 

We chose Tuesdays so that we can all meet up as a community, Mommy Daddy & me, Preschool and Kindergarten and up.  And although we meet at the same place, we go set up at different areas. 


L.A. Nature Kids

L.A. Nature Kids

We are very excited to grow another branch of our Nature community with you. You will be delighted and inspired to participate in the Tuesday gatherings and you will discover many new areas in the Santa Monica mountains and beaches.

2019 Mommy & Me.   First class April 2nd. Introduction cost is $40 per class.

Every Tuesday 10am to 11.30 am : We will meet at a location in nature 10 to 30-minute drive from Santa Monica.

Please contact Christopher  at (909) 809-4751 or email