A native of Topanga, Isaac is loved by all the children. His playful love for nature and kids draws the children to him. Isaac is planning a career studying frogs all over the world. He is also the only counselor trained to handle snacks and any reptiles.


Preschool Teacher

Camp Counselor and preschool teacher

L.A. Nature Kids

Nicole was born in Switzerland but moved to L.A. 25 years ago, where she worked with children as an elementary teacher, at a bilingual french preschool and at a Reggio inspired preschool. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from National University. She likes to do triathlons, swim in the ocean, backpack, and rock climb. For the last 3 years she has been studying plants and aboriginal skills with different teachers like Julie James, Christopher Nyerges, Jim Robertson, Tellur Fenner, Erica Wohldmann and Chris Moraski. She has a 21 year old son who goes to UC Berkeley.

Michelle is   Like the morning sun . 

 Always a joy to see her,  fun, loving, adventurous,  she also navigate  in our preschool in the afterschool and the camps .  Vegetarian ,  yoga teacher ,  World traveler .  The kiddos adore her 

Preschool Head Teacher

Willy....He brings the stoke...Free spirit, world traveler, artist, surfer, the world is his oyster and playground. Willy has been working with children since 15 years and those of us who can have him on our team are blessed. The kids LOVE him.

Chief and Teacher

Billing & Reservations:
Email: lanaturekids.office@gmail.com  
Phone:  213.273.3176

Christopher Pierre, a local preschool teacher, was raised in Switzerland and has lived his adult life in between Switzerland, Tahiti and LA. He is a seasoned multi sport and adventure racer and has also been studying Aboriginal practices that incorporate a balance between nature and the human experience.  He has 3 children of his own and speaks English, French, and German.  
Christopher approaches each day as if it were a gift to us all.  He assesses the weather, relevant local happenings, and the children's interests to formulate curriculum and adventures.  He safely challenges our children to have confidence for one's self and consideration for nature and fellow Nature Kids.  
He has 3 dogs, Bella, Ocean and Theo, who like to join the adventures.

David and his guitar came to us in the 2017. He is as natural and creative with the children as he is with his guitar. Songs come out of him, like  butterflies in the spring time.  We all enjoy his gentle spirit and awesome music all the time . David navigate in between preschool, after school, and camps.   He lives in Aquadulce on a 7 acre land with a goat and his love Valentina.  They are going to be parents pretty soon or by the time you read this may be already are . 

Camp Counselor

Raised on land, Kylie spent her childhood days outside eating miners lettuce with her goat, repelling out of trees barefoot, constructing zip lines, building underground forts, and of course sleeping under the stars. Her college years she taught preschoolers in San Francisco and led groups of inner city youth on overnight hiking & camping trips in the Redwoods of Mendocino. Upon receiving her BA in International Relations, Kylie underwent training and became a yoga instructor--establishing mindfulness and yoga programs in preschools throughout LA. Kylie has a playful teaching style, a deep passion for spiritual ecology,  and encourages her students to investigate how we can work with nature in order to solve conflicts. She recently traveled to S.Africa and had a magical experience meeting a pride of lions in the wild! 

L.A. Nature Kids

C.J. is also a natural with the kids. Traditional in his style, always puts safety as a priority. He is like a momma bear. Very protective. 

A gentle giant, musician/singer and like his sister Michelle who works with us, he shines like the mid-day sun equally for all of us. 


After-school and camp counselor 

Camp Counselor


After-school and camp counselor