Our after-school program is an open, imaginative, playful outdoor experience, currently available at select schools. We explore, connect, and form bonds with nature-- engaging our minds, bodies, and souls through interactive play. 

The activities are unstructured, allowing the kids to play freely and to explore what interests them. Observing plants, animals and finding nature's treasures inspires us to create art, tools, shelters and handmade toys. Mostly, we just have a fun time playing in nature with our friends.

We pick up your child at his or her school. 
We bring the kids back to Penmar Park in SM at 5:30 p.m.


Wednesday: Citizens of the World  & Ocean Charter

If you would like to add a school, please contact Christopher  After-School Program Coordinator at (909) 809-4751 or email c.j.pierre@hotmail.com

L.A. Nature Kids

L.A. Nature Kids


Billing & Reservations:
Email: lanaturekids.office@gmail.com  
Phone:  (213) 273-3176