L.A. Nature Kids


"Like a California Oak Tree, Nature Kids grew organically out of love for nature and children. After 10 years, it's roots have spread deeply in our creative community. Come say hi and let's go play in the wild!"

-Christopher Pierre, Director and Tribe Chief


L.A. Nature Kids

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Kids belong in nature. It's where we play, feel, smell, touch, think, observe, reflect, and learn at our best. In the wild, our senses awaken. We are alert and connected to each other and the world around us. We are mindful, present, and full of love. We embrace our ever-changing environment. We overcome obstacles. We face fears. Our imaginations blossom. We create. We ask questions. We get a little messy. We are wild. We are inspired. We are all connected. 

We advocate for our children's birthright to have chunks of unstructured free play in Nature as part of there busy weekly schedules...;

L.A. Nature Kids awakens the powerful connection to nature, each other, and ourselves that we are all born with. We offer a truly formative experience that children will carry with them far beyond the program. Adventures take place in a new location every day-- the local mountains, forests, canyons, and beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu.